jen and alex
Northbrook park, 13 may 2017
"we couldn't have found
a better photographer anywhere!
We're so grateful to have worked with you!"

Fine Art Wedding Photography

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. Here I get to show you the fabulous weddings and the gorgeous, funny, creative and sometimes crazy couples I have worked with. I’ll share  the beautfiul wedding venues, styling and all that good stuff that goes to make a perfect wedding day.

My wedding photography is, I guess, a little different. I can’t describe it myself, so I asked around and was told – It’s atmospheric, it’s cinematic, it’s painterly (and yes, it is a word, I checked!) and it’s story telling. I love that last one! That’s what I’m all about – telling stories.

I look for and love beautiful light and have paintings from Dutch Masters above my screens as I edit your wedding photographs. I try and create something that is different in my Wedding Collections. Something which is timeless. Something which is you. Something which tells the story of your wedding day.

Oh and it has to be fun. That’s the number one rule!

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