I’ve been a wedding photographer for nearly 16 years now (I know, look at me, doesn’t seem possible right?) and I’m going to let you into a secret. It’s really hard! There is a lot of work involved in planning, shooting, polishing and delivering a beautiful collection of wedding photographs; not to mention the pressure of knowing that someone’s most precious memories are in your hands; the lack of control you have over weather, natural light and well… people; the loss of precious summer weekends; the long days… You get the idea. Yet after 14 years I still love what I do. So I asked myself:

Just what is wrong with you?
Why do you still seem to love this?!?

Let’s not dive too deeply into the first question but as for the second, here’s what I realised:

I help people to tell the most important story of their lives.

And that’s a pretty cool job.


I love getting to know each and every one of you. I love understanding just what makes you tick together; what interests you share; what your sense of style is and how much you make each other laugh.
I love it when I can capture something of this in a photograph, creating an image that in years to come you look at and think “that’s us and we’re awesome”.
I love finding and bending beautiful light so that your photographs surprise you, showing you more than you could see with just the eyes. I love making girls cry (and sometimes boys too) because they see how beautiful they really are and relive all their biggest emotions.


I love meeting all you cool, funny, creative and clever couples and I love the fun we have.
I even  love the pressure to create something that can actually surprise and impress a cool, funny, creative and clever couple!


I love the freedom to simply tell stories on a wedding day.
Being there as families reunite and new families are formed (and sometimes even when new romantic relationships are formed) and creating a story book of all these moments.


So that’s why I do what I do!
And why I spend way too long editing every single wedding image myself (for which I am continually told I am mad). Because every single photograph matters to me. And every single photograph is an important story that needs to be told.


I may also be an anally retentive control freak… but I’m choosing not to delve too deeply into this either.

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